Another Problem with Jaws 15 and MS word 2010

Sirena <sieradream@...>

I'm having my own problem with jaws and MSWord.

Whenever I get to a new page in a word document, one of two things happens.

When I use the arrow keys to navigate, wishing to read what I've just
written, Jaws makes the sound as if I'm at the top of the document. It won't
go to the previous page unless I use the control key.


When I'm reading through my document, if I'm arrowing to the previous page,
it jumps to the *top* of the previous page and I have to control down arrow
to get to the place I want. And if that place is at the end of a page, I'd
better use the left or right arrows quickly to rush to my spot before Jaws
leaps to the top of the previous page again.

Any ideas? It's highly annoying when writing lengthy pieces.


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