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I've got an Hp laptop, and windows 7, with jaws 15. It works fine. I have
stopped some of the automatic HP programs which ocme with it from starting,
but that's really all you have to do if you have any conflicts.

Acer is another one where their programs can cause conflicts with Jaws, but
when I upgraded a laptop for a friend, I found turning off some processes
from starting worked fine. Asus ones will work straight off.

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Freedom Scientific won't state which hardware works best with JAWS. Based on
comments I've read on this list, I'd steer clear of Hewlett-Packard laptops
because they don't seem to.

You'll want to pack in as much RAM as the laptop can support.

Can I suggest that you're more likely to get a wide range of extremely
useful advice if you steer clear of politics? People on this list don't seem
to take kindly to non-tech opinions. We're here to help and be helped, not
to argue.

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My name is Kadia, an israeli blind woman, strongly opposed to the israeli
murderous regime .
My question is regarding buying a new laptop.
How do you decide which model to buy?
Do you get any specific recommendations from your Jaws dealers?
if so, what models, system requirements are you guided to buy?
If you wish to contact me directly, you can email to terrella1000@...

Thanks for your advice,

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