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Charles Coe


I would suggest you take a look at Del laptops. Go to the following web

As far as types or models; I suggest you consider how and what you will use
the laptops for. Also how much you wish to spend. The above Del website
should give you an idea what is offered.

You can also go to the following website:
If you wish to get more independent opinions on a variety of laptops

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Subject: About Buying a new laptop which works well with Jaws

My name is Kadia, an israeli blind woman, strongly opposed to the israeli
murderous regime .
My question is regarding buying a new laptop.
How do you decide which model to buy?
Do you get any specific recommendations from your Jaws dealers?
if so, what models, system requirements are you guided to buy?
If you wish to contact me directly, you can email to

Thanks for your advice,

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