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Hi Tom,

You can also press the, F6 key, this will highlight the address bar, press
control + C, to copy. Now, press, shift + F6, to take you off the address
bar & back onto the webpage, & go paste the link wherever you want. HTH
Take care.
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Try pressing the alt key plus D to get to address bar, then control C to
copy address to clipboard.
You can then control V to paste address into an email.

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On 9/3/2014 5:54 PM, T. Civitello via Jfw wrote:
I would like to send a Web page link by E mail to a friend. However in
the file menu of I E 10 under the send to menu its says unavailable to
send link. I am using Jaws 15 and Win 7. could someone tell me how to copy
the Web page address. I know this was possible in the past. Thanks, Tom

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