Re: Libronix 3

Ralph Supernaw <rhs@...>

It's been so long for me that I'm not sure I remember everything...

1. set the screen echo to "all"
2. You typically need to navigate the screen using either the Jaws cursor or the invisible curser. The Jaws curser will activate hotspots and so results in references, footnotes, and the like being read. If you want to read the screen without that happening, use the invisible curser.
3. When I move the Jaws curser over buttons at the top of the screen, Jaws speaks the tooltips sense I have screen echo set to all. This is how I do things like toggle the table of contents on and off.
4. When using the menus, Jaws does not speak the main menu (file, edit, view, etc.). Therefore, I either use alt keys (e. g. alt-f for the file menu) to activate a particular menu. Then I arrow up and down through the menu. Jaws does speak the menu items as I do this.
5. Sometimes when performing functions such as loading or saving workspaces or navigating your library, you will need to experiment with turning the virtual curser off, changing screen echo to highlighted, and so on.
6. I move between commentaries and Bible versions by using the left and right arrow keys. For this to work you have to make sure the PC curser is in the book text and not in the top area with the menu and buttons. Use the insert+numpad plus to route the PC curser to the Jaws curser when the Jaws curser is located somewhere in the text.

I haven't figured out a decent ways to do much with the Greek, Hebrew, etc. I also haven't done much with defining my own collections.

Hope this helps. Follow-up questions are welcome.


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