Problems with Jaws 15 and MS word 2010

James Malone

Hello all.

I have a client who is having a problem with Jaws 15.0 and Word 2010.

Here's the description.

Having a problem with Microsoft Word 2010 and JAWS 15, after about an hour
and half the computer starts acting up. Was setting up tables in a document
and could not get JAWS to read the column titles. Used the tab key to read
columns and nothing, also did a shift tab and still nothing. Did a screen
refresh and nothing. JAWS would not read anything. When I was creating
the table I used bookmarked the column titles and JAWS would read them,
entered in the data and JAWS would not read anything. After a little while
JAWS was saying control with everything I pressed. I was able to get that
to stop by pressing the control of the left side of keyboard 3 times.

Has anyone had the same problem, and what did you do the fix this?


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