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Hi all -- I'm new to this list. For context, I'm losing my eyesight slowly
to retinitis pigmentosa, and as a consequence, I've been slowly learning
JAWS with an end-goal of doing all my computing tasks with JAWS and
foregoing visual use altogether. All has been going well, except for Google.

The main problem is the internet browser. Google Chrome and JAWS just don't
play well together. Well, okay, so I switch to Internet Explorer or
Firefox, right? Unfortunately, those browsers don't play well with the
web-based Google services I use, such as Google Docs, GMail, and Google

So my preference would be to continue to use Google Chrome, and find ways
to make it work with JAWS. So far I haven't been having much luck.

One specific problem is that any time I follow a link to a new page, JAWS
doesn't realize the page has changed. The Say All command, or the Read Next
Line commands, just read text from the old page. Even though Google Chrome
is corrently displaying the new page (I have some eyesight left, so I can
see this).

The other problem is the two different formats that most Google web pages
use: Standard, and Basic HTML. Standard format definitely has problems with
JAWS. Basic HTML works better, but the interface is practically unusable.
Google has put very little effort into making their Basic HTML pages
usable. And my pleas to Google to add some very basic features to Basic
HTML have fallen on deaf ears.

So, here I am, posting to the JFW list. Does anyone have any helpful hints
on using Google Chrome with JAWS? How about using Google standard format
web pages with JAWS? Any help would be appreciated.
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