Re: bug with latest jaws 15 update

Rob <musicmaker365@...>

I had to repair Jaws and delete user settings last week.
Now I get an error when trying to do the auto update.

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On Aug 31, 2014, at 4:39 PM, Philip Hall via Jfw <> wrote:

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

After installing the latest jaws 15 update to v15.0.11024, when I run

Either v 28 or 31, whenever I press up or down arrow to read a line, I get
the following error message

"unknown function call to "SayCursorMovementException"

I looked in the Firefox script, and there is a function with that name, but
it seems to call either itself, or a built-in function with the same name.

I commented out the call to the function, and jaws doesn't give me the error

But I am afraid I may have broken something else by doing so.

Anyone else experiencing this error message?



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