Re: Apologies for posts direct to people's inboxes

judith bron

This happens on other lists also. The name of the sender is in the original
"from" field and in the "to" field no matter what you do. At one time the
keystroke insert/control/r was supposed to send the answer to sender, but
that keystroke seems to be obsolete. Now if you want to respond to sender
you have to copy their address directly from the bar. If you want the group
only forward the message and type the group name in the to field. Judith

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For several weeks, I couldn't post on this list. then, out of the blue, I
could. However, now, whenever I reply, the "To" line contains both the
original sender's and the JFW addresses. I have no idea how to stop this
from happening. I try to remember to go to the "To" line and delete the
individual's address, but I'm often rushing so much that I forget. So my
apologies for inadvertently breaching your JFW list rules. I know how
important it is to have separate boxes for list messages.
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