Itunes 11 and Jaws 15 issue


When I'm downloading podcasts in Itunes 11, and I'm at the top of the
podcast page, control-F brings up a Jaws search. A few lines down, it brings
up a store search. I keep losing focus on the page, ending up far from where
I was, and control-f doesn't do a Jaws search so I can find my place again.
Any other way to do a Jaws search besides Control-F? I could put a place
marker somewhere, I suppose, but since I never know where I am going to lose
my place, I'm not sure where to put one. Also, I cannot seem to find a
button or link that would allow me to download all episodes of a podcast
once subscribed. Is it in a setting I don't know about, or is there no such
option or button?
Besides these two very annoying issues, Jaws 15 and Itunes 11 seem to play
nicely with each other.

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