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I don't know what happened exactly.
but the link I tried to use from James resulted in a page that said it was not correct or working.
Doing a Google search I found a page to subscribe to Blind Tech. I do not know if it is the same one.
But the link to that page was this:

Hope that may help someone.
And I will be interested to see what there is to learn there.
I enjoy the threads on this list, and have learned a lot. Except for the high percentage of messages about being off topic of JAWS.
Which I guess this is, too. But well, I shall try to delineate between the mission of both lists, and post only about JAWS on this list in the future.
I think sometimes we just live with JAWS so much, we maybe some of us start to think everything must somehow be about JAWS. I think I hear Eloquence in my dreams by this time, marking about 17 years hearing that voice!

I have a Gmail question, too. But I will not engage it here.
If someone wishes to engage with me off this list, I am at


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I respect your judgment as list administrator on this.

I already have gotten a number of replies, and will respond to them

I thank you for allowing me to make the post initially, since I am now
getting some help.

I'll also try the blind tech mailing list as you suggest.

Tom Behler in Michigan

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As this topic is definitely way off topic, I'm going to refer you to the
BlindTech mailing list.

List Admin

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Hello, everyone.

I am trying to get my personal g-mail account to work with Windows Live Mail
on a Windows 7 laptop, but am having an interesting problem as I work with
my g-mail account.

Specifically, in my list of g-mail folders, there is a folder called "all

This appears to be an archive of some sort, that contains every e-mail I
have ever received, replies to relevant e-mails, etc., all the way back to
about 2009, when I first set up my g-mail account.

There are literally several hundred thousand e-mails in this "all mail"

I really don't need this folder, and I have tried to delete it, but with no

I also have tried going into the folder and deleting messages in groups, but
again, no luck.

It seems that G-mail is blocking this action.

Having all of these e-mails in my "all mail" folder is slowing things down
unnecessarily, and I'd like to get rid of this extra e-mail baggage.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to accomplish this?

Do I actually have to go into my g-mail account to do this, and if so, what
exactly do I do?

Since this quiry may be considered to be "off topic" to some, please respond
to me personally at:

Thanks much.

Tom Behler in Michigan

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