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I always get the definition updates. Not the program update at this time.

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1.75 is the latest accessible version. you can maybe find a copy at once installed, it can be tweaked to not automatically update
only the program so you don't suddenly find it inaccessible. I'm not sure if
future malware definitions will still work with 1.75, but:

using the JAWS cursor (numpad minus), find and click on the settings tab,
updater tab, tab one time to "Download and install program update" and
uncheck this box. tab again to "notify me when a program update is ready
for installation" and uncheck this box as well.
now tab to Exit, & press enter.

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Subject: Malware Bites with Jaws

I know this has been addressed, so bear with me.

Which version of Malware Bites is the accessible enough version? I just
downloaded it and it's not accessible.

Is there a safe download link any of you can toss my way?

Thanks so much.


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