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Ken, I've reported this guy to google a couple times, with no response from Google.
Short of setting up a filter in your email program to automatically send his mail to the trash, I'm not sure what else we can do. It is most annoying though.

Chris, the visually impaireds *LOL*

At 08:01 AM 8/30/2011, you wrote:
Hello our racest islamic now prooved to support hacker group and is now
with this message sent below also Anti ACB and Anti NFB and likely a supporter
of the ideals of the movie blindness. not the word impaired is a plural.
this man must be stopped continue to report to google. Message to admin
Have referred this list and this harvester of our addresses to google and
have told them to refer to the racest email thread on this list. bet these
are virus or worm links not youtube. am reporting. anti blind message

Sent: 8/29/2011 10:37:42 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time (M
Subj: Living independence for the visually impaireds.

Swail House is a visually impairmentt independent living project , which
is brought by Action for blind people in the UK:
And that's where various visually impaired and challenging individuals are
involved to exchange in a range of diverse a different independent living
skils , but the question is:
How realistically is effective such a project?
I have seen too many identical projects which are mainly targeting the
different periodical living skils for the visually impaireds , but regretfully
, I haven't recognize for once any project that aims to match the
visually impaired challenging individuals within the very regular society which
emphatically would increase the radical opportunities for being sufficiently
inadequate to cope with demands , lots of visually impaireds are
skillfully competent and prepared to well fulfill a task but they are partially
whether totally unrecognized because of this incorrect strategy that is
operated by the blindness organizations and institutions , the trouble isn't for
the lacking the tools and equipments that is owned by the blind people to
complement and facilitate their daily life activities , as all we are aware ,
technology is a constant state of innovation and evolvement , but the
human codes and postures are have to be consciously altered along the way ,
does anybody got my point?

Best Wishs.
It's always hope that gives meaning to life.
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