Re: Usb Tv Tuner, SnapStream Beyond Tv, and JAWS scripts for Carbonite for Windows 7

Jimmy Jones

Its been awhile, but I think the last USB tuner I used was made by a company
named McIntosh? The accompanying software was accessible with JAWS. I will
check on the name because I'm not sure of it.

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Subject: Usb Tv Tuner, SnapStream Beyond Tv, and JAWS scripts for Carbonite
for Windows 7

My name is Jamie. Several months ago I had enquired about usb tv tuners on
this list. I'm still interested in usb tv tuners, and thought I would ask
again to see if anyone had any other suggestions. I have a Gateway laptop,
running Windows 7 Home Edition, with JAWS 14. I don't have cable, and am
wanting to hook my antenna up to my computer to watch and record local
programming. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking at a Diamond
TVW750USB tuner, but it has its own software, and figured it probably
wouldn't be accessible. It would be nice to find something that would work
with Windows Media Center. I spoke with someone today and they suggested
SnapStream Beyond Tv. Does anyone know anything about that, and what tv
tuners work best with that service?

My final question has to do with Carbonite. Does anyone know where I can
get JAWS scripts for Carbonite for Windows 7. Thanks in advance for any
suggestions you may have regarding my questions.



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