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that, and I have no clue with the new ribbon methods, but word used to keep track of the last place you opened files from, and had a setting in options for where it stored and as well looked for its files that could be set, you may wish to look into what the hot key for the file list menu is in the open dialog (turn announce hotkeys to the "all" setting and use the dialog paying attention to what it says in there, and see if you can find the options settings section and make it look in your drive instead of in "My Documents" for saving and there for opening of files.

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Eric, open the files you need to switch between and leave them open. Use
"alt + tab" to switch between and through your open files. Hope this helps
Debbie, Chaz & Jessie
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Dear list,

First, this is a real question but it is also a test message as I have not
received mail from this list for several weeks. I finally re-subscribed
with a different account. I sure hope you are all back!

This relates to a earlier question I asked about MS Word 2010. When I do
control O to get the dialogue to get a file is there a short cut key to take
me to the list where my thumb drive will be listed? If not is there a way I
can create one. In my work I am opening and closing many files quickly. I
add info save and move on to another file.

Thanks for any tips and I hope I'm back.

Eric Caron
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