Important: please read!

Stephanie Switzer

Hello everyone.
First of all let me point out that I am not a list admin. Second of
all if you don’t read this, subscribe to the link I will be posting,
or at least book mark/favorite it. It is not my fault as I refuse to
be a hand-holder, or your mother.  So please read this in it’s
entirety. As I’m including the link to the support of technologies
list that have nothing to do with jaws or freedom scientific here.
The list owner created the support list, so we could have discussions
about things not related to Jaws and/or freedom scientific. I’ve seen
a lot of discussions that have nothing to do with neither of those
things, so if you don’t mind would you please post all general tech
inquiries to the general support list only, or utilize Google? Mostly
because these things aren’t related to jaws/freedom scientific in any
way, and shouldn’t be here. Examples of this include, but are not
limited to: the discussion about smart phones, and the current
discussion about whether or not it is better for hacking purposes if a
computer is turned off, or is in hibernate. These types of discussions
should in fact, go on the general support list, not this one. Because
they have absolutely nothing to do with either jaws or freedom
scientific unless of course you plan to hack into someone’s computer
using jaws, and need to know how. In which case it shouldn’t be
discussed here any way because hacking into things is very much ill
eagle.  The only reason Smart phones should be discussed on this list
is if you’re trying to do something with yours or someone else’s and
Jaws or some other F. S. program is refusing to cooperate in some way.
If you don’t know how to use Google, and you would like too please
contact me privately. I wouldn’t mind showing you. Here is the link to
the general technologies list. Feel free to book mark/favorite this
link if you don’t want to subscribe right away.
As for the beginning part, the one that said I’m not a hand-holder.
That’s kind of a joke, but kind of true at least for me.
Anyway, enjoy your general teching! The rest of the list members, and
maybe you will thank me later when that portion you have set aside for
your email regarding this list, or your m-box isn’t full of things
that do not relate to jaws/Freedom Scientific.
Also, if you would like to contact the list owner here is his email
address, but he’s out of town, so it might take him a while to
The other reason why I wrote this out is for the people who don’t know
about the general technologies list. This wasn’t meant to be taken as
me being mean, or sarcastic, or whatever. 
If you've read this far, thank you! :)

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