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Cy Selfridge

Hi Kevin,
I do not know about the hacking issue but I do know that when the computer
goes to "sleep" when it wakes back up many times things do not work quite
like they used to.
This is true with W7 64 bit, Office 2007 and JAWS 14.
Somehow Outlook does ot quite get it all together and you have to do a
restart anyway. (LOLLOLLOL)
In earilier versions of JAWS with XP FS suggested that you not let the
computer go to sleep, just turn it off.

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Hello People,
A week or two ago there was a thread discussing the merits of shutting down
ones computer or putting it to sleep. I believe that one comment pointed out
that if the computer was shut down as opposed to put to sleep that would
prevent entry by hackers. My question is, would putting the computer in
hibernate accomplish this safe guard?
Thank you all,
Cheers Kevin.
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