Re: An issue with iTunes and JAWS.

Kimber Gardner

I've seen the same behavior though unfortunately I haven't found a fix
other than the work around you describe.


On 7/31/14, Michael Mote via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Hi folks! I wondered if someone could help me with an annoying issue with
iTunes. When I search my library by artist and am arrowing through the
list, I lost speech with JAWS on my PC. It will say blank blank, but then
when I press up arrow, it will tell me the name of the artist that I
I should point out that this can happen when I am using up arrow for
For some reason JAWs will stop speaking the names of the artists. Hope
is the right list for this question. I figure some members use iTunes with
JAWS on this list. Many thanks for any suggestions in advance!

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