Re: Jaws in a call center environment

Matthew Bullis <matthewbullis@...>

It's a gamble whenever you're dealing with each company. Some call centers have software that is very complicated, and will need months of scripting. Because call centers are local mostly, you have to start from scratch with each employer. I don't know how many national call centers are scripted for Jaws, or how many offices they may have, but it's good when you do find one which works. You'll need a double-ear headset, which your rehab counsellor should be able to provide. It also helps immensely if you read braille and have a braille display provided for your job. If the job you're going for requires a lot of reading, you may want only a 40-cell display. However, if the job requires columns of widely-spaced information, like the hotel rates were when I worked at the Best Western call center, then you'll want an 80-cell display.

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