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Michael Mote

I have done this before with my computer using JAWS 15.0 and Windows 7.
JAWS is not really the determining factor on whether or not the hot spot
works or not. You should find your iPhone connection where you would
normally find your Wireless connection options. Be sure and password
protect your hot spot connection. Also, you may want to make sure you have
the service from AT&T, as part of your data plan. Good luck!

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In August, we will be staying at a cabin in Maine. I expect wireless
connectivity to be suspect (The last time I "borrowed"
the signal from a kids camp across a neck in the lake).

My iPhone has a thing called a Hot Spot function, and AT & T has decent
receptivity at the lake.

I have never tried the iPhone Hot Spot or tried to connect to a so-called
personal hot spot with JAWS and my Windows (7 or 8.1) computer.

Should I even bother? Has anyone on the list ever got the connection to
work with JAWS?

The only sighted assistance I'll have are Luddites. So, I'll either have to
do it myself or perch on the ledge again and hope to connect to the camp -
assuming they haven't secured the signal.


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