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The IPhone hot spot works great, but you probably will need sighted assistance. You can go ahdad and set up your laptop now to connect to the hot spot, and just enable it when you get there. After you turn on the hot spot, go to your network settings in your laptop. It will ask for a password that is on your iPhone. Go ahead and enter that, and the next time you connect you won't need to enter it again. Good luck.

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In August, we will be staying at a cabin in Maine. I expect
wireless connectivity to be suspect (The last time I "borrowed"
the signal from a kids camp across a neck in the lake).

My iPhone has a thing called a Hot Spot function, and AT & T has
decent receptivity at the lake.

I have never tried the iPhone Hot Spot or tried to connect to a
so-called personal hot spot with JAWS and my Windows (7 or 8.1)

Should I even bother? Has anyone on the list ever got the
connection to work with JAWS?

The only sighted assistance I'll have are Luddites. So, I'll
either have to do it myself or perch on the ledge again and hope
to connect to the camp - assuming they haven't secured the signal.


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