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Andre Jarreau <andre.jarreau@...>

Ok, F11 opened up the menu list and all is good. A special thanks to Bill
W. for the call off line.

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Sorry, I just realized I skipped a step. I'll try again:

1. alt-t for tools.

2. O for options. Press enter.

3. You should land on "general." If not, arrow up or down until you do land
on it.

4. Control-tab two or three times until the update dialog appears.

I hope that covers it this time.

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Alt-t, then o for options. Press enter, then control-tab two or three times
to updates.

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Having issues with FireFox. Current version is 30. Tried to hit alt-F to
get to the menue to try and figure out how to update FireFox to version 31.
The file menu does not open and I can't figure out how to update.

Also experiencing interruptions that cause FireFox to go silent and
unresponsive to the keyboard. Any ideas?
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