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They should have some letters after their name if they are qualified I
forget what they are,when my dell desktop failed,I only had jaws on a very
old laptop getting in this list to tell the men from Hell,sorry dell they
were under observation. And even if I am only a home user expected decent
treatment. I also have a little tape recorder which comes in handy, and yes
under section 36 heading domestic of the data protection act in the uk you
can record what you wish, it is in the form of an exemption I do not know
about usa of course. Sorry about that little outburst! Dorothy

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all good points Gerald.
I've talked to people who have had good dealings with people from
Geek Squad, but you're still stuck with trying to figure out if the
particular person knows his or her stuff.

Usually I try to find someone through friends/family, friends of
friends etc. Luckily, one of my adult guitar students is also an IT
guy for a major bank. I haven't had to call him up in an emergency
yet, but I'd like to think that he would be competant.


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