Jaws in a call center environment

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Hello Mike,
Well, I worked for Humana Health Plans, Inc in their Telephone Customer Services Department for several years using a computer with JAWS.

Never had a problem.
Well, almost never!
I hope to be working for another Call Center shortly, and I am practicing up for that.

It is just a matter of listening to your JAWS with one ear, and the person on the telephone in the other ear, at the same time.

Takes practice, but you can do it by listening to say an mp3 potcast and let your Jaws read a document at the same time, forcing yourself to hear and understand both.

With Best Regards,
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Hi folks! I wanted to ask if anyone has ever used jaws in a call center work environment. I may be taking a job soon that requires me to work in a virtual call center. I'm really interested to see how jaws reacts. Anyone ever had experience with this before?
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