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Godwin Adoyi

Check if the computer is Dell inspiron, if yes, then that is the cause.
Godwin Adoyi

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Wonder if their computer keyboard has a touchpad or a stick embedded, and
they are simply accidentally rubbing against one of them.

Dave Carlson
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Hi folks! I have a client who is having an issue with his mouse skipping
around the screen. He is using JAWS and Magic on his computer. He tells me
that one day his machine will behave as normal. Then, the next day, he will
encounter major skipping problems, where the cursor will scroll from the top
to the bottom, and skip around the window he happens to be working in,
whether it be a PDF, an email or IE. This happens when he tries to use JAWS
navigation keys or Magic commands. As you can imagine, this is very
frustrating for him. I am not sure that this can be blamed on JAWS. I will
say that sometimes, the company that he works for likes to lay the blame on
his assistive technology. Be that as it may, I've never encountered
anything like this before, and I wondered if anyone out there has, using
JAWS, Magic or both.

I know that his computer has a touchpad, and he is also using an external
mouse. He has tried both a wireless mouse, and a wired one. He tells me
that the touchpad is not disabled, even though he is using the external
mouse. This raises a red flag for me. I wonder if this could be the root
of the problem. He is using a magic keyboard, so his hands are not using
the laptop keyboard. This would rule out him accidentally bumping the
touchpad, causing the cursor to move without him meaning to make it move.

I would be interested in anyone's feedback. Many thanks!

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