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I use a program called RCS Tools to pull data from formatted drives.
However, it's only marginally accessible, involving a lot of fiddling around
with it, and it's not free.

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Since you did a format of the drive, I don't think you can get your
data back. You may indeed be whole wheat toast. There are companies who
might be able to get it back, but they are pretty expensive.

Dave Carlson
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I tried a suggestion, and got anomie standard particion assist 5.5

And you use the jaws cursur, to explore the screen.

Short story, it took 10 hours to scan my 932 gb external Toshiba hard
and then it said the scan was complete, and click the proceed button.

Well, it was still greyed out,and decided to explore the files on the
particion, well, windows 7, decided that the program, was not
and closed, so, when I went back in, had to start the dan scan all over


It dave me this weird file name, wcftrace.clog.

What is this.

And is there any other more accessible, data recovery software, where I
select the music folder and try to recover that.

Or do I just e-mail support, at anomie.

Just frustrated.

Or am I toast.

Any help.



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