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Yes life is not fair but that shouldn't be used as an excuse for
anything. I don't no much about these kind of software, but if it is
true that pitchtree are more accessible I would just wunder why there
couldn't be made scripts available for that rather, to drop costs for
everyone? Just a thought. But over all, I appreciate the work jhon has
done for blinttunes sound taxy and thunderbird. I love that scripts.

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Actually, you should be telling Intuit this, not Quicken. Quicken and Quick

Books are developed by Intuit in Mountain View, CA. But I would not hesitate

to purchase John's scripts along with Quick Books; Life is not fair and I
just move on.

Dave Carlson
Official Oregonian, Farfar, Pioneer, Landlord, Handyman, Musician, and

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If you can develop this level of accessibility, John, -- and it truly is
great what you have done here, then shouldn't Quick Books be mandated to
provide this level of accessibility as part of their accounting package?
Once again, the blind are left having to pay extra to use a product that,
for a few extra dollars in development cost could have and indeed, should
have been included by the developer. Shame on Quicken. Here is another task
for advocacy groups both in the U. S. and Canada.

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*After 3 long years and a dream, the Quest for QuickBooks is over!*

To paraphrase from another historic moment in history, QuickBooks is
QuickBooks is coming! During this week when our nation celebrates
independence, with all the fireworks and fanfare, My Blind Spot is proud to
announce that the accessible version of Intuit's QuickBooks 2014 is
available for purchase and download and is just a click away. (Please note:
Intuit, Inc.'s QuickBooks for Windows includes QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks
Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.)

For the first time, accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers acquiring
blindness, a visual impairment, or a print disability will have the choice
to stay gainfully employed.

For the first time, people of all ages who are blind, visually impaired, or
print disabled will be able to pursue financial management careers
previously closed to them.

For the first time, people who are blind and print disabled will be able to
manage their finances, or the finances of their small business or
without depending on assistance from others.

In addition to offering the accessible version of QuickBooks with screen
reader enhancements, My Blind Spot has developed a User's Guide as well as
broad selection of self-paced virtual lessons that demonstrate the ease of
keyboard navigation for accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation.

For the first time, the full power of QuickBooks for Windows will be
available for people of all abilities to independently manage personal and
small business finances.

To exercise your independence and financial freedom, and for information
regarding pricing, educational materials, and training, go to

By choosing to purchase your QuickBooks program and our educational
materials through My Blind Spot, you are helping us to continue to open
doors of hope and opportunity. There is much work to be done to bridge the
significant digital divides that continue to exist.

Your feedback about the usability of the program is welcome and can be
directed to QBSupport@... <mailto:QBSupport@...>.
The continued belief in the abilities of ALL people is what will make the
difference for independence in our diverse community.

My Blind Spot thanks Intuit and especially Lori Samuels, whose passionate
commitment to this project was crucial.

Inquiries about My Blind Spot and our services can be directed to
info@... <mailto:info@...>. My Blind Spot is a
501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization.

Access to the right tools promotes ability and restores infinite

Albert J. Rizzi, M.Ed.
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My Blind Spot, Inc.
90 Broad Street - 18th Fl.
New York, New York 10004 <>

P: 212-363-0330

C: 917-553-0347 <tel:917-553-0347>

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doing it."/


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John Martyn
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