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Dave Durber


JAWS Version 15, is more than likely going to be the last version which will work in Windows XP.


Dave Durber

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Subject: XP and JAWS

hi all, I am giving away an old computer to someone I know. I'm attempting
to reinstall XP from scratch for her (she's sighted but not savvy) and a few
other things like security essentials and Google chrome. but before I do, I
want to install JAWS so I can perform Windows Updates after XP is installed.
what's the last version of JAWS that's suited for XP, I intend to install
version 14?

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Subject: jaws damaged.

Hi list, I am running windows7 home premium 32bit. I run jaws15 wich
is up to date. I cannot open the jaws menu, neither with the shortcut
keys, and neither from the startmenu. I thought I would try to repair,
but if I open the latest .exe 32bit download, it just says that this
version cannot be installed and advice me to go fru control panel wich
won't work as you only have uninstall options there, no repair option.
Any ideas as to what to try?

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