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i use jaws 13 on win xp with free revo's latest version and can access any revo option required with just the system cursor of both jaws and nvda.


DorisAt 07:20 PM 7/1/2014, you wrote:

I have a solution/response to the separate question about Revo Uninstaller, that was in an email string today on a different subject. The question was:

"Is there a way to make Revo Uninstaller Jaws-friendly, so all the
controls are easier to select from and activate, and I don't just find
a Cancel and Back Button?"

With review mode, I am able to easily operate those otherwise inaccessible Revo Uninstaller buttons that were mentioned as requiring sighted assistance. Below I will explain how I do it, although there may be other ways. I consider myself technically challenged, so keep that in mind. If anyone wants to know more specifics, please contact me off list and we can chat by phone.

Tim Ford

Operating Revo Uninstaller with JAWS

Note. I am using version 1.95, and the latest of JAWS version 15. I am on a Windows 7 machine, and prior to that, I used Revo Uninstaller on an XP home edition machine. I intentionally decline Revo's offer to update the software. This version works for me, so why bother getting more current and then finding out that a new version is inaccessible? End of note.

When you launch Revo Uninstaller, hereinafter called Revo, you will find yourself at the top of the list of programs. The list is in alphabetical order. First letter navigation works, so for example, pressing the s key takes you to the first program in the list that starts with s. Use the arrow keys to move through the list. You need to use all four arrow key directions when navigating this list, since the left and right arrow key navigation does not jump rows.
When on the program you want, press the application key, or alternatively, the shift f10 key sequence. This gives you a list of most of Revo's features. The first item on the list is "uninstall", and is of course the most common item to select. But take the time to go down the list to see some very nice other options. For example, you can find out more about the program through options on the list such as doing a Google search, or going to the web site for the program creator. Use these options unless you are absolutely sure you do not need that program! Another handy item is the option to remove that program from Revo's list. There are many programs that most of us will not want to ever touch, so this option allows you to have on your list only those programs you may want to remove; it does not uninstall or remove anything from the program, it just hides it so you don't waste time arrowing through the same stuff again and again.
Now back to the uninstall option. Press enter to start that, and you will get a warning screen with yes and no buttons. You can either use the tab and enter key to move amongst the buttons and activate the one you want. Or, pressing the y key will activate the yes button, and the d key activates the no button.

What happens next will depend upon the program you are removing, so just listen carefully to what JAWS is telling you. The JAWS key and b usually does a good job of repeating the important text.

When Revo tells you to select the level of uninstall, tab once to a vertical list with the three options, low, moderate, and high. High is the most aggressive in terms of removing registry items. It is also the mode that seems to make Revo superior to the standard Windows uninstall process found under the control panel. I always use the highest uninstall mode, and have never had a problem. So select the mode with the up and down arrows, then tab once and activate the OK button.

Note, I am now going from memory for the rest of these instructions, since I don't actually want to uninstall any programs, so please do not take me completely literally; I may not exactly remember how JAWS names the buttons, but the description below will be close enough.

The JAWS access problems seem to come up after Revo has uninstalled the program, and prompts you on whether you want to search the registry for leftover items. Unless you realize you did something wrong, you do want to have Revo continue with this step. After all, if you don't use this option, you don't need to use Revo.

I believe the first prompt uses a next button to continue, and JAWS will see this button, so press enter on it. If you are not sure where you are, use the tab and shift tab, pressing enter to activate.

At this stage I recommend you now go into JAWS review mode, and stay in review mode until you get to and select the "finish" button. When in review mode, all the important information is clear and easily read with the arrow keys. I recommend using control with left or right arrow, which takes you nicely from word to word. This also ensures that you are at the proper place to do the left click. When you want to activate a given command, use the JAWS keystroke for a left mouse click.

One step will be the option of selecting all items that Revo recommends be removed from the registry and elsewhere on your computer. (Revo also lists each such item slated for removal, but the descriptions are beyond my level of technical knowledge. I have always pressed the select-all button, and have never had a problem.)

Select the option you want by the left mouse click keystroke. When clicking on that select-all button, you will not hear any feedback from JAWS, but take it on faith that you have made that selection. Move forward to the "delete" button and click on it. JAWS will warn you that this is going to remove the listed stuff, and it tells you to press yes or no to proceed. You can press the y key for yes, n key for no, or you can manually move to the button you want and click on it.

When Revo has deleted all that stuff, it will often times show a zero in the number of items left, which makes sense, but Revo confusingly asks you to select or de-select the listed options. Go through the same steps above about selecting and hitting the delete button. You will often fine that in a second pass, Revo has found more stuff it recommends you delete. I have had as many as three passes before it catches everything, but most often the second pass is all you need. When Revo finds nothing more, you will then see a "finish" button, with a congratulations message that you are done. When you click on the finish button, Revo will immediately pop up into the list of programs, ready to start again. If you are done, just exit with alt-f4.

That is it. It is actually pretty easy once you do the steps a few times, and that is coming from someone who is at best considered average in terms of JAWS skills.
This is the end of the basic instructions. If you contact me off list, I will be glad to help, either via email or on the phone.

Tim Ford

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