Windows 8 and Candidly Speaking

Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

Don't quite agree with you there. Yes apple hardware is more expensive
but it's not to finance side projects like accessibility. If windows
wanted to, they could have made narator in to what voiceover is today
by just putting some efort in to it and interacting more with their
users. My view of apples expensive hardware is that it's more
expensive for a reason, you get what you pay for, e.g. a apple
computer would last you a lot longer than a pc plus the hardware and
software are designed for each other where with pc drivers must be
written for every piece of the pc just to talk to the other bits.
Let's not go off topic here, I just think apple was smarter than
windows in making accessibility more of a priority a few years ago,
these roomers of narator becoming a full on screen reader, if you ask
me it's windows realising apple was rite in the first place concerning
accessibility but now they will have to try to play catch up.

On 8/29/11, Peter Holdstock <> wrote:
Yes but Apple charge every user much more for the hardware so that helps
subsidise the accessibility side of things. Same with all the other Apple
products with accessibility.


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Agree with you guys but as I said don't put your hopes on narator or
on FS dropping the price for jaws. Sure there will be a improvement in
narator but doubt if it will be big enough to mean anything. The thing
with FS is they don't give a rats ass for the individual which is us
the users. That's what I like about voiceover, sure it's not yet up
there with jaws but apple doesn't even ask $1000 for it but still they
listen to every single one of their users.

On 8/29/11, Chris Smart <> wrote:
Hi Ed.

I agree with you on all points! Most of the applications I use on a
daily basis, besides email and web browsing, require scripting
support from Jaws. If we all go for the lowest common denominator,
even if it's free, some people will literally lose their livlihoods.

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