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Michael Mote

Is this an update to the current firmware of 5.71 or not? I have a user who
has a new Focus 40 blue, and he is showing the correct firmware on his

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Freedom Scientific Announces Power 1 2 3!

(St. Petersburg, Florida - May 30, 2014) - Freedom Scientific introduces
Power 1 2 3 for its Focus 14, 40, and 80 Blue braille displays. This new
feature allows you to quickly and easily switch between an active USB
connection with a computer and a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone,
tablet, or another computer running JAWS.

"This is an awesome feature!" says Ron Miller, Blindness Hardware Product
Manager. "I can be working on a Microsoft Word project, or other task,
using my Focus Blue braille display connected to my PC through its USB port,
and by pressing DOTS 1-2-3, quickly switch to my iPhone to send or respond
to a text message, refer to info I have on my phone, or even read the caller
ID before I answer an incoming call."

Power 1 2 3 is available in the latest Focus Blue firmware update. For more
details and instructions to download and install this feature on your Focus
14, 40, or 80 Blue braille display, visit the
Blue Firmware Update Web page.
(This update is not intended for use on the Classic Focus 40 Blue braille
display. A Classic unit is any Focus 40 Blue whose serial number begins with
43 and was purchased prior to July 2012.)

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