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Louise Johnson <herclouise@...>

Hi thanks for posting this I hadn't had time to go and check it out but I am
so glad that freedom listens to problems and trys to fix them.
From Louise and Hawk
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You asked...

Enhancements in JAWS 15.0.10026 (June 2014) The following is a list of
improvements made between this release and the JAWS 15.0.9023 posting.
Resolved a reported issue on Windows 8 where the Bluetooth Settings on/off
toggle was not accessible using the touch screen gesture, double tap. This
is now working as expected.
The Freedom Scientific Developer Network (FSDN) has been updated. The FSDN
provides a general reference for scripts, user-defined functions, and
built-in functions found in the current versions of

JAWS and MAGic. Go to the Freedom Scientific Developer Network Web page to
download the latest FSDN reference guide.
Addressed a reported issue with the Say Next and Say Previous Sentence
commands, ALT+DOWN ARROW and ALT+UP ARROW, not working in Corel WordPerfect
If Citrix is configured to use the Desktop Viewer, resolved an issue where
there was no braille output during a JAWS Remote connection.
Addressed an issue where TAB and SHIFT+TAB would not move between the All
Programs list and Search edit box on the Windows 8.1 Start Screen.
Updated the Vocalizer Expressive driver in order to support new voices
scheduled to be available later this year.
Addressed issues with JAWS not always restarting automatically after using
the INSERT+WINDOWS Key+F4 keystroke. If you encounter a situation where JAWS
appears to still be running, but you

have lost speech or braille, this command manually closes JAWS and creates a
memory dump file that can be sent to Freedom Scientific using the Error
Reporting feature.
Addressed an issue with the Technology News Research It lookup source not
always displaying the most recent stories.
Resolved an issue with the Spanish version of JAWS where speech was lost
when suspending or closing a JAWS Tandem connection.
Addressed issues with punctuation not being spoken correctly when using a
Spanish Vocalizer Expressive voice.
JAWS is now more reliable when reading the contents of dialog boxes in Java
applications. Users should update their Java installation to the latest
version to take full advantage of this enhancement.
Microsoft Outlook
When performing an advanced search in Outlook 2013, resolved an issue where
items in the Search Results list were not being shown in braille.
When navigating the Categories list of the Outlook 2010 Options dialog box,
resolved an issue where the selected item was not being shown in braille.
The braille display now shows the same information that is spoken as you
navigate in the Outlook 2013 calendar.
If the regional language is set to Canada English, JAWS now speaks the
selected date as you navigate with the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys in the
Outlook Calendar.
Microsoft PowerPoint
Resolved issues with using JAWS in the PowerPoint 2013 Proofing pane. When
you press F7 to begin the spell check, you will then need to press TAB to
move into the Proofing Pane and then press

INSERT+F7 to read the misspelled word and suggestion. You can then use
and SHIFT+TAB to move between the buttons for the available actions and
press the SPACEBAR to select one. Note that

once you have selected a button, you will need to press TAB again to move
back to the Proofing pane and press INSERT+F7 to read the next misspelling.
When the spell check is complete, press ESC to

switch from Edit mode back to Object mode for the slide.
Microsoft Word
Resolved an issue in Word 2010 and Word 2013 where pressing a braille
display cursor routing button in a table cell that contains multiple lines
of text would cause the text on the braille display to move

unexpectedly and lose the position of the cursor.
Resolved an issue with "mled" being displayed in the status cells of the
braille display along with extraneous text on blank lines and inside nested
lists in Word 2013. When on a blank line, the status cells

should include the line number.
Resolved an issue with the Spanish version of JAWS where the
INSERT+ALT+SHIFT+F keystroke to read the row title in a table was not
Mozilla Firefox
Addressed an issue where pressing INSERT+CTRL+R to display a list of regions
on the current Web page was not working as expected on certain pages.
When pressing the UP and DOWN ARROW keys in an edit combo box on a Web page,
resolved an issue where the cursor was moving by two lines instead of one.
JAWS no longer double speaks items in lists that are inside ARIA alerts.
Addressed an issue where JAWS was not reading as expected when navigating by
character in table cells contained inside edit fields, such as in the
CKEditor Web-based application.

Dave Carlson
Future Oregonian, pioneer, landlord, Farfar, musician, and woodworker

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Anything we can't live without?

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Hi All,

Below is the latest definition update for Jaws 15, J15.0.10026, in both 32
& 64 bit, direct download links:

32 bit systems:

64 bit systems:

Sorry David, didn't mean to steal your thunder! LOL, hahaha hahaha hahaha,


Take care.
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