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Thanks for that Maria. Anybody else have reports on various antivirus products? Please include the all important quarantine/disinfection step in your accessibility decision.

At 10:00 AM 6/24/2014, you wrote:
I'm using Trend Micro and I would give it a 60 percent mark on accessibility. The worst part is that not even the JAWS cursor will access what is not accessible.
If someone else is able to use it better, please enlighten me.

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On 6/21/2014 4:42 PM, Londa Peterson via Jfw wrote:
I know this question gets asked often, but there's one program I don't remember seeing mentioned here. I just went to Best Buy to look at a new laptop. Actually, I'm considering the Lenovo Yoga ultra book. Best Buy gives a year subscription to either Web Root, Casparsky, or Trend micro. I know the first two are out of the question, but what about Trend Micro? Is it accessible with JAWS? I did use their free online tool once, and it seemed to work well, but I didn't want to assume based on that. I know I can always use another program like AVG, but I figured if there was something included in the price, I might as well take advantage of it if I could. Thanks for the help.
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