Re: Need help with a flash drive.

Dave Durber


Use Windows Explorer.

Highlight the flash drive in question.

Press ALT+ENTER, to open the properties for the flash drive.

The cursor is autimatically placed in the edit field, at the end of any text which exists in the field. In addition, by default, the text is highlighted. If you wish to delete the text in the edit field and have no label at all for the flash drive, press the DEL key and press ENTER to save the change. To change the label for the flash drive, just start typing and the original text will be deleted and replaced by the new text.

HINT: if you decide not to have a label for the flash drive or, for any USB storage media for that matter, after you open Windows Explorer, press R. JAWS should tell you that, Devices with removable storage is open, then tell you the first removable storage device which is highlighted, plus the drive letter, for example, "Removable Disk (f:).



Dave Durber

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Subject: Need help with a flash drive.

Hi folks! I have a flash drive with several folders and downloads of files
including JFW, Magic etc, as I use these for my work. I am having an issue
with where the flash drive shows up. It should show up as the E drive or G
drive, or something like this. Instead, I find the drive contents under a
different folder all together on my computer called Apps Fs1. It appears
that my drive has been renamed somehow. Why did this happen? Should I be
concerned about it?

Mike Mote

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