Re: second request jaws 14 and windows live mail

David Hardingham

Hi and thanks to all,

I used your suggestions and key strokes I did not know about to hdeal quite well with this iss.



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I've had this problem before. Since I use a Braille display, I can see that
the message is actually there, but JAWS isn't reading it. The problem is
that if you don't hit escape and reopen the message, JAWS won't
automatically read them anymore until you do. When this problem happens, try
using your arrow keys and see if the message is actually there.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this.

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Subject: second request jaws 14 and windows live mail

I received little or no help with my question.

When I try and sort my incomeing e mail and hit the delete key on the six
pack sometimes the cursor will move to the next message in the list but more
often it will just stop.

In order to move to the next message I have to hit excape and the down

I get a lot of mail for which I have no interest and going through takes
much longer this way.

Again I have jaws 14 latest, latest windows live mail and i..e. 8.


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