Re: Issue with exiting forms mode in jFW 15

Dan Kerstetter <dhk55@...>

I've always used the escape key to exit forms mode.



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Hello list,

I’ve been experiencing an weird issue for the past week or so with Jaws and
wanted to know if others had come across it as well.

When I’m in a browser, be it IE or Firefox (running latest versions) and
enter into forms mode and subsequently exit forms mode with the PC cursor
button, I am taken to an entirely separate application window. This isn’t
always the case, but it is indeed more often than not. I’ve always had the
automatic forms mode feature disabled as I prefer to manually enter and exit
edit fields on my own instead of being automatically placed into them.

Like I said, I’ve only been dealing with this problem for the past week or
so. I am running the latest Jaws version. I don’t recall changing any
particular Jaws settings that could cause such a behavior.

Any ideas?


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