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Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

Yes agree with you on the speculation. Yes think they will make jaws
13 with windows 8 in mind but it will really be a bummer if people
have to update to jaws 13 just because 12 or even older versions
doesn't work. To give you a example, I only upgraded to jaws 12 about
a month ago, before I had 11 and I used windows 7 since it was
released as a public beta back then think I had jaws 9 or 10 and it
worked all the way. As I said if I have some time I'll try to find a
leaked beta of windows 8 and try it.

On 8/29/11, Gerald Levy <> wrote:

Because Windows 8 has not yet been released, it is impossible to know
whether JAWS 12 will work with it. I'm just speculating, but I would
imagine that the next release of JAWS, JAWS 13 would be more likely to be
compatible with Win 8 than JAWS 12.


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Hi all I was just wondering if any of you seen anything about windows
8 and if jaws 12 will work with it. Thing is from what I've heard the
windows 8 interface is going to be dramatically redesigned to give it
a fresh look, it is a atemt by microsoft to stay in the game along
side apple.

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