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I had this problem before the most recent JAWS update. Now it works fine.
The only other thing I can tell you is to make sure your text window is



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I haven't seen the behavior you describe in notepad. I have seen it in
Word, mostly occurring when I open a second word document while
another is already open. I haven't especially noticed the cursor
position problem but will look for it. I frequently have the problem
of Jaws not reading when I arrow up and down in the second document.
Sometimes, usually in fact, I can get the text to read if after
arrowing down I perform a read line command. Very annoying.

I too am using windows 7 and Jaws 15 with office 2013.


On 6/18/14, Ed Marquette via Jfw <> wrote:
I have had occasion, recently, to use good old Notepad.

I remember it used to work pretty well with JAWS.

Now, however, the cursor position isn't reliably reported; the
text is often repeated; and sometimes text that I know is on the
line with the cursor is not read with up arrow or down arrow.

I'm using Windows 7 (work machine) and Jaws 15.

Has anyone else noticed this? When the screen is maximized I
think, on occasion, I get better results, but I wouldn't swear to

I don't remember previously having a problem with Notepad. Plus,
it is so simple that I cannot imagine why JAWS is having these

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