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Dave Durber

Dave and everyone:

Fortunately, I have not ever experienced these or similar problems using Notepad.

Has anyone, who is experiencing problems with JAWS and Notepad, tried using the basic text editor "HJPad", which has been included with each version of JAWS, since I do not remember when, to see if you get or have the same problems?

You will find "HJPad", in the first level of any JAWS submenu, for any version of JAWS you have installed on your computer.



Dave Durber

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I've experienced exactly the same symptoms. It also happened a couple JAWS
versions in the past, and then it was fixed. Now it's back again and it's
annoying. I use notepad all the time for quick notes and text files.

Maximizing and having word wrap on/off seems to have no effect, along with
changing the font size (and that by the way, is never reported correctly).

Dave Carlson
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Subject: Good old Notepad

I have had occasion, recently, to use good old Notepad.

I remember it used to work pretty well with JAWS.

Now, however, the cursor position isn't reliably reported; the
text is often repeated; and sometimes text that I know is on the
line with the cursor is not read with up arrow or down arrow.

I'm using Windows 7 (work machine) and Jaws 15.

Has anyone else noticed this? When the screen is maximized I
think, on occasion, I get better results, but I wouldn't swear to

I don't remember previously having a problem with Notepad. Plus,
it is so simple that I cannot imagine why JAWS is having these

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