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Through much experimentation with the speaker settings and different applications, I've come to the conclusion that the right channel seems to be blocked or muted in Winamp; I'll set the left channel or speaker to 0% and there's no sound at all coming from Winamp, even though the right channel is at 70%. When I right arrow past 70% on the left, the right goes back automatically to 70% but music is only heard through the left side. This phenomenon occurs only in Winamp; Jaws and all other streaming player applications work on both channels. I tried some stereo headsets to confirm this scenario; I can hear with both ears on everything except Winamp, where I just hear with one ear (depending which way I turn the headphones). What can I do in Winamp to get sound going through the right channel as well as the left? Is there a configuration in Winamp that controls mono or stereo output? Is this the right list to discuss this, or should I take it up with Winamp's listserv? I'll send a copy of this to Winamp just in case. Thanks.
P.S. I hear Winamp is no longer being updated or supported, but I have lots of favorite radio stations I bookmarked there and don't want to lose them. I just need to fix the balance so things come out in stereo instead of mono, with only half of the music being heard (especially on stations playing oldies). Thanks for your help.

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