Re: Is anyone else noticing these issues with Thunderbird Blind?

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

After Pandora, should you be writing tech support anywhere? LOL Was that really from you as people are saying?

At 01:13 PM 6/15/2014, you wrote:
I definitely am going to be writing support regarding this, but has anyone noticed with the Thunderbird Blind scripts in combination with Thunderbird 24 that for one thing, a lot of the dialogs don't read the buttons in them correctly? For example, let's say that I'm composing an e-mail, and then I choose after all not to save it as a draft, nor to send it. I just wanna totally trash it. If I hit either ctrl+F4, or ctrl+W, doesn't matter, either one... at this point I get a dialog asking if I want to save, don't save, or cancel. Well, tabbing is doing nothing more than just repetatively over and over again saying save button, save button, save button. I'm not even sure if my focus is really truely moving but jfw is just not reporting it correctly, or if focus is getting stuck. Second thing I'm noticing which is way more a dealbreaker for me is, I prefer using word echo in jaws. I'm finding that when I start typing, things are read really really weirdly, and sometimes even echo

Hello my name is Chris,
I might hear:

hello m yna me isc hr is.

Very? very? v'v'vary! annoying!

I just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this. Again, keep in mind, I'm not speaking of just Thunderbird. If all you're using is TB version 24, then no. You're not gonna probaby have these issues. I'm specifically saying TB 24 in combination with the paid Thunderbird Blind scripts.

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