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Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

First time I'm hearing about the narator thing but doubt if it will
come anything close to jaws. I'm guessing they will try and go the
same rout as apple with voiceover but that took apple a couple of
years and it's still not perfected will be cool though if it actually
works. Yes they will release public beta versions I guess late this
year or very early next year, a few very unstable beta versions has
already leeked on to the net, if I have some time I'll maybe look for
one and try it.

On 8/29/11, Peter Holdstock <> wrote:
I know that they are making Narrator in to a full blown screen reader and is
expected to be competition to JAWS. That said I think it's functionality
still won't come close but then how much of the jaws features do we all use
on the day to day basis at least for home use. Hopefully they will release a
public beta like they did with Windows 7 as it was very successful.


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Hi all I was just wondering if any of you seen anything about windows
8 and if jaws 12 will work with it. Thing is from what I've heard the
windows 8 interface is going to be dramatically redesigned to give it
a fresh look, it is a atemt by microsoft to stay in the game along
side apple.

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