Re: Jaws stops speaking in Windows 7

Dave Durber


While searching in the regedit program for keys belonging to JAWS, try searching for:


JAWS for Windows

Freedom Scientific (with and without the space between the words Freedom and Scientific.

Good luck.


Dave Durber

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Unfortunately, that's what I did. I then uninstalled all Freedom Scientific products and removed the folder in Program Files, then cleared out the FreedomScientific tree in the registry so that there would (supposedly) be no trace of the products, then tried reinstalling. I suspect there may be additional registry keys that need to be deleted, but they are proving difficult to find.

David Ogilvie

On 11/06/2014 11:02 AM, Melissa Stott via Jfw wrote:
You also do not want to uninstall the shared components while other jaws versions are installed on your computer. This could cause conflicts.

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It's my understanding that you shouldn't install earlier versions of JAWS when you have JAWS on your system. I think you'd need to uninstall them all, then reinstall one by one, beginning with the earliest and going up in sequence.

I have to wonder why anyone would need so many versions. I remember 9 worked on some websites for a time when later versions didn't, but that ceased to be the case.

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I have a desktop computer running multiple versions of Windows and have
various versions of Jaws on each.

On the Windows 7 partition, I had full versions and demos of Jaws from
version 9 to 15. I recently decided to do a cleanup and uninstall some
of the earlier versions of Jaws.

Now, when I try to start any version of Jaws such as the Jaws 15 demo,
Jaws will start up, speak "Jaws for Windows is ready", then quit. The
activation dialog no longer appears, so I think that somehow the
activation system has gotten munged. I've tried reinstalling all the
previous versions of Jaws that I can get my hands on, and the same
problem occurs. (Jaws on XP, Vista and 8.1 update 1 on the same machine
start up as expected.)

Has anyone experienced this problem before and can offer a solution?

Thanks in advance!

David Ogilvie
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