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hello try this;

I suspect your having problems navigating,

1, go to the folder where the file is which you wish to attach,
highlight the file,
2, press the keystroke, shift+f10
now up arrow until you hear;
copy as path,
note, your not wanting,create shortcut,
your looking for,
copy as path,
if your not wanting to use shift+f10,
you can also press,
shift+application key,

once you've entered on copy as path,

2, navigate to the windows live mail,
2, create your email,

now tab to the edit field,

use the keystroke,
alt+i+i+a, you will be placed into the edit field for name of file,
just paste from clipboard,
now you will see the file name and path,
just tab to open, now file will be attached.

hope this helps.

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Happy Friday All: I’m trying to insert a document from my Word 7 Documents list as an attachment to an e mail message using Windows Live Mail.
I have read David’s instructions on how to do this from his tutorial but surely not surprising to any of us, I’m still having trouble accomplishing this simple task.
Any hints or tips will be much appreciated. Thanks, Mitch

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