Re: Odd J9 and IE8 problem

Gerald Levy

I have been using IE 8 with JAWS 9.0.2191U and XP Pro for over two years with no problem.


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I e 8 is designed for windows seven and 64 bit use insert f12 to get too
the developer tools and switch too iie 7 and you probably wont have any

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Subject: Odd J9 and IE8 problem

I was forced to reinstall Windows XP a bit ago due to some
corruption. I installed XP Pro SP3. I also reinstalled my JFW 9.0
version and all seem to work fine, saving for IE 8. I can go to and
read most web sites, but cannot access the menu bar. When I hit the
alt key, I can left arrow and hear file, edit, view and such.
However, when I press a down arrow to access the menu items, I get
the words context menu, but cannot keep on going and get no menu
items, this is the same for every menu. My sighted partner says the
drop down menus do appear, but JFW is not reading them at all. This
interferes with doing many things in IE8.

I've never seen this before. I do not have the option of getting a
newer version of JFW, so am rather stuck with this version.

Any help would be deeply appreciated,


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