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It works fine with jaws, especially if you use the classic layout setting. However the programme is not being updated any longer at this time. This is not something that really bothers me and I plan to keep using it, but you should be aware that because Winamp developers had to pay a fee to use the Gracenet database, your songs will no longer be auto-tagged if you rip them from CD.

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HI all

after getting my pc fixed I have lost my copy of win amp and I am having problems finding a new copy on the internet!! now there was talk some time ago about win amp stopped being made or not working with jaws or something I cant recall or I might have just made that up who knows !!! any way so is win amp still being made if so dose it still work with jaws wear can I get it from and lastly if its not still around or doesn't work with jaws what are people useing instead?
I have windows 7 and jaws 12

cheers Joe
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