Re: Using JFW 12 with Powerpoint '07 help

Amanda Berkley

Nope, no helpful sight here.
Thanks for asking and being thorough.


On 8/28/11, Shane Davidson <> wrote:
Do you have any usable sight?
This will reflect on the kind of help offered, and the way it's presented.
Yes, I know some partially sighted folks who can use magnification who don't
and use JAWS instead.
Hense the question.
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Subject: Using JFW 12 with Powerpoint '07 help

Hi guys,
My name is Amanda and I have used JAWS for about 4 years now, and I
haven't had a need to know how to use powerpoint till now.
I'm a college student with a business major and some of my classes
this semester require me to make a powerpoint and to view powerpoints.
Can anyone tell me how to read and make powerpoints using JFW 12.
I kinda need to learn in a hurry lol.


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