Reading Protected ePub Books with JFW

Gary King

I sent this information to the list a few days ago, but didn't see it arrive, so I'm sending it again with a different subject line.

In the past, members of the list have asked if they could read protected ePub books such as those from the Overdrive service and commercial bookstores. Adobe Digital Editions was the program recommended by Overdrive to read these books, but the program has always been inaccessible with screen readers. Now, however, these books can be read using Adobe Digital Editions 1.8 Preview and JFW version 12 and with VoiceOver on the Mac. NVDA and Window-Eyes currently are not compatible with this program. I am currently reading a book in the ePub format from Overdrive and the latest build of JFW 12. Earlier versions of JFW are not recommended by Adobe, but I guess you can give them a try. An Adobe ID is necessary to authorize the program if you plan to read your books on more than one computer. You can obtain a free ID from the Adobe web site.

To read about Adobe Digital Editions 1.8 Preview and find a download link, go to

Gary King
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