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Ann Byrne

Or use control-f6 to switch between the open files. That wil move between only open Word files instead of everything that's open.

At 05:40 PM 8/28/2011, you wrote:
Eric, open the files you need to switch between and leave them open. Use
"alt + tab" to switch between and through your open files. Hope this helps
Debbie, Chaz & Jessie
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Dear list,

First, this is a real question but it is also a test message as I have not
received mail from this list for several weeks. I finally re-subscribed
with a different account. I sure hope you are all back!

This relates to a earlier question I asked about MS Word 2010. When I do
control O to get the dialogue to get a file is there a short cut key to take
me to the list where my thumb drive will be listed? If not is there a way I
can create one. In my work I am opening and closing many files quickly. I
add info save and move on to another file.

Thanks for any tips and I hope I'm back.

Eric Caron
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