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Hello there;

Well, if you don't need to go to MSWord2010, to find a file, you could place
Thumb drive into the send-to menu, so then it would be easier, just
highlight the file, applications key, up to send to sub menu, and right
arrow, now arrow and enter on the thumb drive.

Not sure if this is what your looking for though!

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Dear list,

First, this is a real question but it is also a test message as I
have not received mail from this list for several weeks. I finally
re-subscribed with a different account. I sure hope you are all back!

This relates to a earlier question I asked about MS Word 2010. When
I do control O to get the dialogue to get a file is there a short cut key to
take me to the list where my thumb drive will be listed? If not is there a
way I can create one. In my work I am opening and closing many files
quickly. I add info save and move on to another file.

Thanks for any tips and I hope I'm back.

Eric Caron
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